Stefan : "I was
when u were
gonna give up",
Elena : "I didn't give
up Stefan..u
have to fight it..
u will loose me
forever .
I can't love a ghost
all my life

Me:"well even if I'm
The last one I'll still
Believe in #Stelena."

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Words for the wise…. [NaruSaku]


Well, my dears, today I have other vs. arguments to present to you regarding our beloved pairing.

Our dear fellow NS shipper, Slextrem, is countering some arguments regarding Sakura in a Sakura/NS vs Hinata/NH centric discussion where, as well, Sakura’s role as a heroine is brought up.

Here it is:

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Zac Efron x2 :)
Zac Efron though .
When did zac Efron get so pretty ?
Easter chocolate

Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev x2